Kanye West X Adidas Original


Kanye West has collaborated with Adidas Original to bring some of his visions to life. West has said he is not a designer as he dose not want to offend dedicated designers, he just has some ideas he wants to bring to the fashion world. Kanye said that he has created this collection to bring something different and wearable for everyday people. He dose not want to work on high end fashion yet as he wants his creations to be accessible to many people and not just the elite. West has said that this collection is for everybody of all shapes and sizes. West had an interesting choice of models for his show at NYFW last week, he included models of different Shapes and sizes. His designs for the collection are very simple and wearable, they look like they could be casually worn and also in the gym. It is unknown if the collection will be a hit, but I think his shoes have already created enough buzz and the rest of his collection will continue to gain attention. Here is a look at some of the Kanye West x Adidas Original Collection for AW15.

fashion_kanye_west_adidas_fall_2015_364741751 063_463302668 Models-present-creations-resulting-from-a-Fall-Winter-2015-collaboration-between-Kanye-West-and-Adidas-at-New-York-Fashion-Week 00020h_592x888 00010h_592x888 739818-media_images_mode_fashion-week-de-new-york-ce-qu-il-ne-faudra-pas-rater_adidaskanyewest_12528910-1-f-00000040h_592x888 00050h_592x888kanye-west-hold-on-the-world-boots-adidas-new-yor-fashion-week-instagram-tumblr-NYFW-grammy-2-Yeezy-9-kanye-west-adidas-nyfw-fall-2015-diddy-jay-z 463289886_kim-kardashian-kanye-west-north-west-467


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