Louis Vuitton Spaceship Shuts down PFW

Nicolas Ghesquiere shut down Paris Fashion week with a magnificent show that was in held in the Louvre, one of the most prestigious museums of the world and former Palace of Napoleon. Ghesquiere designed the runway to look like a futuristic spaceship. The juxtaposition of new modern looks and a historically beautiful setting was out of this world. I usually always favor Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld’s final show of PFW but in my opinion this year Louis Vuitton had a better setting and a new futuristic look that really was one of a kind. Ghesquiere has perfected the “space ship Chic” look, some pieces have a logo placed on the top left of the over the heart which resemble a star trek uniform like symbol for the Louis Vuitton space ship. I really enjoyed the setting and the entire runway show, my favorite piece is a large tote bag with a print that resembles the inside of a computer (it’s super cool). Here are some of my favorite shots and looks from the Louis Vuitton  F/W18 show.

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