Milan Men’s Spring 19 shows

It’s time to see what the Italian fashion houses have in store for menswear in 2019. The menswear season began last week in Milan and is currently happening in Paris. Some of my favourite looks from the Milan shows were from Versace, Prada, Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana. Here is a peak at some of my favourite looks from the menswear spring 19 runway shows in Milan.

Versace Versace read all about it! Versace gave us the most gender-neutral show out of them all by incorporating women in the runway show. Versace’s men’s collection is not just for men! Yay girl power! I liked the newspaper printed looks, the floral patterns, neon collars, and the sneakers.


Prada gave us a fun show with lots of 60’s inspired looks. Backstage of the show Mrs. Prada was quoted saying the spring 19 show is intended to be “elegant but in a young, new way.” I think Prada is referring to the prints, hats and short shorts when she says in a young new way. Although there is some feminine or softer looks the entire show had male models not a single woman and every man wore a bag. Prada showing that they respect gender neutrality by showcasing that men can wear anything they want! Here is a look at what Prada presented on the runway for Men’s spring 2019.

Fendi gave us their classic zucca logo print in new colour patterns and on newer looking styles, with bucket hats, lots of black, red, brown and mustard. I loved the Fendi show I think its my favourite of them all. I like how dark and sharp the looks are I especially enjoyed the hand bags and accessories, the mesh and of corse my favourite the F & F logo zucca print.

Dolce & Gabbana gave us the youngest show as they used social media influencers in their runway show. I especially liked the Italian inspired prints that they created for this spring 19 show. D&G gave us looks for both men and women in this show. This runway show showcased 144 looks that is said to be the evolution and DNA of D&G. D&G wanted to educate the young audiences about how D&G has grown and what they represent. From royalty inspired looks to religious inspired, classic suits floral and other prints the show was everything D&G. Here is a peak at the D&G men’s spring runway show.


Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 3.34.39 PM

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