Pradasphere Exhibition

Pradasphere Exhibition has launched in Honk Kong! Pradasphere is an exhibition that is showcasing the past 30 years of craftsmanship and beautiful work by PRADA. The bags and shoes in the exhibition are very well crafted and detailed. I love the retro look and I admire the way Prada all ways knows how to make […]

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MÉLISSA NEPTON at Toronto Fashion Week

“For me, fashion is a vigorous expression that impacts women’s lives in a positive way. And in return, women bring to fashion a sense of sensuality, fluidity and femininity. It’s a communication rooted in comfort, practicality and confidence.”— Melissa Nepton Melissa Nepton Is a Canadian designer from Montreal. Her creations are very wearable and modern. […]

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Goodbye Oscar de la Renta

Yesterday October, 20 2014 the legend Oscar de la Renta passed away and left our world. He was an incredibly talented and successful designer. Oscar has held many positions, at Balenciaga then the house of Lanvin , and de la Renta opened his own firm in New York in 1965. He has been most known […]

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Flash Back to Chanel A/W 1991

Happy flash back Friday world! Flash back to an amazing time in fashion, the 90’s !! The 90’s were definitely a big mix up of trends. the 90’s looks have been coming back into trend with the return of   high-waisted jeans, plaid, chunky jewelery, leather and so much more. Chanel has always been good […]

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