R.I.P. Givenchy

On Monday March 12, 2018 the fashion world had to say goodbye to Hubert Givenchy. Givenchy was one of the most prominent designers of his time as he has left behind an amazing fashion house and legacy. Givenchy was famed for his detail and his spot on designs that define chic French fashion. Givenchy was […]

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Pradasphere Exhibition

Pradasphere Exhibition has launched in Honk Kong! Pradasphere is an exhibition that is showcasing the past 30 years of craftsmanship and beautiful work by PRADA. The bags and shoes in the exhibition are very well crafted and detailed. I love the retro look and I admire the way Prada all ways knows how to make […]

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Chanels Femm Fashion Statement!

Karl Lagerfeld put on an incredible show today! Karl Lagerfeld put on a mock women rights rally! It was amazing! To die for fashion with beautiful elegance and an awesome statement. I have new love for the KING OF FASHION Karl Lagerfeld he incorporated beautiful florals, with stripes. There was nice soft pinks and purples lightened […]

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“PARK stands for “Promoting Artists, Redefining Kulture.” PARK is a network organized by a group of young Calgarian artists to promote and support fellow emerging artists in the community.”  YAY guys next week in my home town of Calgary, Alberta, Canada there will be an awesome autumn/winter 2014 Fashion show PARKLUXE that I will be […]

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Fyodor Golan At LFW

The great combination of Fyodor Podgorny & Golan Frydman put on a very interesting show this year, it was a little bit different from their past shows. They call the collection “Digital Romanticism.” There was a bright modern futuristic type of look in their creations for spring/summer 2015.

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Lulu & co at London Fashion Week

  I loved the Lulu & co show today, it was hot new fresh everything it needed to be! The fashion labels creative designer is  Lulu Kennedy, she has a great eye for fashion. Kennedy has been very active in London’s fashion scene. Kennedy has helped manny up and coming designers to show at London […]

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